1 A large iglu in the centre, surrounded by a group of medium-sized igluit, seen from outside, at night.
2 The scene fades in as we enter the iglu.
3 There is a shaman sitting on the floor of the iglu. He is tied up with rope from his feet to his head, and he is preparing for a shamanic flight. There is a group of people with him, gathered around a fire which is barely distinguishable. Suddenly, the fire goes out. Everything is dark, and in the shadows…
4 A change takes place. The shaman becomes a raven.
5 The raven flies out of the iglu and over the land.
6 From the raven’s point of view, we see a bear, a river, another group of igluit. We draw closer.
7 The raven lands on the sled and watches a family as they play. They are happy, playing around the iglu.
8 The raven takes off again for the skies.
9 He sees a large river, with a boat.
10 We get closer to the boat, and we see sailors at work.
11 The raven seems to be afraid, and flies back to his iglu.
12 Fade out, and return to the shaman’s iglu.
13 The raven goes into the iglu.
14 Inside the iglu, the raven changes back into the shaman.
15 The shaman wipes his brow and goes out of the iglu. The group of people is still there, in the shadows.
16 We see the shaman from the back, watching the sunset.
17 Slowly, he disappears. The deserted landscape changes into a view of the city.