1 An iglu.
2 A church springs up.
3 People come out of the iglu and go into the church.
4 The shaman comes out of his tent.
5 A priest comes out of the church.
6 They shake hands.
7 The shaman goes into the church with the priest.
8 Another church springs up.
9 People come out of the old church to go into the new church.
10 People come out of both churches, making faces.
11 The bells ring in both churches.
12 A crowd draws closer to the churches.
13 Families split up to go into different churches.
14 Once everybody is in their respective church, one child comes out of each church to go back to the iglu and see if anything is happening there.
15 The shaman comes out of the church and looks for something to do. He goes into the iglu.
16 End and credits.