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Life Story of Victor Tungilik

Victor Tungilik
When I turned to religion, I thought the time of danger had passed. I thought the time I’d gone through being an angakkuq was behind me because I was letting all of it go and because I was turning to God. I thought of this time as something very hard to get through and when I let go of it, when it was over, there would be nothing dangerous, there would be only joy. It is written that Jesus will come again. I searched for this in the Bible and I found it. I believe this.

The Transition to Christianity, Chapter 2, p. 73.
The Life Story of Victor Tungilik

In chapter two, Victor Tungilik shares the important changes he had to face in his life, especially when he became a Christian. Victor was living in a camp and he recalls the first times he saw Qallunaat and their boats and planes. No Qallunnaat were living permanently with them and Inuit had to go meet the ministers or priests were they stayed. Victor's parents were Anglican but they wanted their son to become a Catholic. Victor explains why he chose to embrace the new religion and how this choice changed his life for the better. As he was an angakkuq, his conversion to Christianity meant he had to get rid of his tuurngait and let go of his powers.

Victor's parents died before he became an adult and so nobody really taught him how to hunt. Nevertheless he was able to learn by himself and he shares this process, talking about the first time he caught a seal. Later, Victor moved to a bigger community, Naujaat, and started working for the Hudson's Bay Company. Thanks to this move Victor could go to church on a regular basis and he recalls elements of the services he attended. He also describes celebrations like Christmas.

During this interview, Victor gives several examples of the power of prayer. His father would pray for food in times of hunger. Victor also prayed during difficult times in his life. He describes how, as an adult, he started trying to be a better Christian.