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Pauloosie Angmarlik

Pauloosie Angmarlik
We used to go to Pangniqtuuq by dogteam if the trail was good for travelling. But if the trail was not good then it was not possible. Not everyone would go, but when the trail was good, people from the outpost camps would go to Pangniqtuuq now and then. Many used to gather in Pangniqtuuq. Only sometimes, I think, not all the time. Only if it was convenient. Sometimes we went there to trade at the same time, because Pangniqtuuq was the only place we could go to trade. Shortly after, there were qallunaat in Pangniqtuuq. The person for whom I am named Ammaalik used to have his own small shop when we were living in our camp. He used to store goods to sell. He did this for some years until the government stopped him, saying that they did not want an Inuk to have a store.
(Page 111)
Pauloosie Angmarlik
Born in the region of Pangnirtung, at Qikiqtan, on October 1, 1911, Pauloosie was married three times. He tells about how at Qikiqtan the women hunted seal. While their husbands were hunting, they would set up near the breathing holes to harpoon seals. He caught his first seal while hunting with the women. "[...] That is how my mother made me catch my first seal. By harpooning it while I was out hunting with them at the open seal holes." (page 112)

Pauloosie also recounts how he studied to become a minister with a qallunaaq in 1963, after which he was sent to Qikiqtarjuaq as a minister for 24 years. Because of this unique experience, NAC students take the opportunity in these interviews to ask him about church services, celebrations and burials, as well as about dog teams and their training.